Who We Are


Every church has its own unique identity, a DNA.  Our understanding of God and Scripture shapes our philosophy and practicality of our ministry. This philosophy is Scriptural and transformative in nature (to both the saved and the unsaved) and brings a perspective of the Kingdom of God (saved) and the opportunity to experience the Kingdom of God (unsaved).

At The CEO Church, we desire an incarnational model of ministry rather than an attractional model.  Instead of ministering on the basis of people coming to us, we prefer to take ministry to the people.  Our focus is on depth rather than width.

Our philosophy has led us to the conclusion that the church is not made up of a building or a weekly gathering of people, but by being the body of Christ through sharing life together.  We desire to create a diverse culture of small groups with the understanding of our inability to do life alone.


To teach a generation about the executive authority in their lives given by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Making Disciples of All Nations according to Matthew 29:28


 Core Values

Authentic Community – Our desire is that we would be sensitive to the needs of others, have relationships built on openness, accountability, spiritual growth and intentional transparency. This type of community is seen in the life of Jesus as well as the early church as they did life together.  E.g. Small Groups, Helps Ministry.  (Acts 2:42)

Christian Spirituality – Our objective is to know the Truth and represent it in life and practice.  Both the church and our lives should be shaped not by experience but by the divine Word of God. E.g.  accountability, mentoring, church discipline.  (John 14:15, I John 2:3-6)

Do/ Love/ Serve – Not only serving our church but extending that service to our community.  We believe that you are more like Jesus when you are serving. Our prayer is to see as He sees and to love how He loves.  E.g. service projects, community events, justice causes.

Missional Living – It is our intention to allow the Scriptures to guide our understanding and involvement in the mission of God. We seek to discover what accomplishing the great commission in today’s culture looks like, hoping to engage the lost with the beauty and power of the gospel both locally and globally.  We believe that where we work, learn, play, and live are not by chance but by the will of God. We seek to be an intentional witness in every aspect of life.