People grow when they are connected in productive and inspiring  small groups. We were never intended to live life alone, but we were created for relationships. Spending time with others can prove to be what keeps us connected to our church, to being committed and lead to growth.

Making a difference where you are most comfortable in service to God and his purpose for your life is a great place to be. We are not all called to the pulpit, but we are all called to minister, to be a witness, and to be doers.

We are a community who want to follow Jesus. We would love you to come and be among us.

Simply select one of the small groups that appeal to you and where you feel you can give your best service. Rather you sing, like working with your hands, helping people, like discussion groups, or have special focus; small groups are a part of the overall church ministry.

Some groups are already established for you to join at CEO Church and some groups can be created or started. Inquire via the contact form here or email your local leadership for the responsibilities in becoming a Point person for creating a small group.


Small Groups are made of 5-6 or twenty to thirty individuals who gather to provide ministry in the church or community where they live or where the local church is located.  Small Groups are  auxiliaries of the church. Most small groups have a person in leadership, who answers for and on behalf of the group. Small groups do not take the place of scheduled church services and leaders of small groups do not take the place of the pastor. They are branches and extensions that assist, support and grow the church family.

It is also where we pray and care for one another and where you are missed when you are not there. Small Groups come in all shapes and sizes – married couples, singles, men’s, women’s, children, no children, workplace, or college campuses.

Below are the established small groups available to you at CEO Church. If you are interested in one of the small groups, simply click on the “Group” and you will be directed to fill out a information form to better assist you. Please wait for someone from Administration to contact you with more information.

Scheduled Small Group Events are posted in our event calendar. If you are interested in creating or starting a Small Group, please us the contact form to make an appointment to speak with leadership.